Andrew DiStasi
Andrew DiStasi

About Me

I'm a recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, with a BS in Information Technology and an MS in Software Engineering. I have worked in web development in varying capacities for 6 years, working with the RIT Honors Program, RIT Language Science Department, and REDCOM Laboratories. Most recently, I've worked as a full-stack web developer and the Director of Digital Marketing & Software Development at Priority Thinking, LLC in Pittsford, NY. I also work as an adjunct professor at RIT, teaching an introductory database & data modeling course.

My main area of professional focus has been client and server-side web development, but I have experience with a broad range of languages, including HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript & jQuery, PHP, MySQL, C#, and Python. I'm comfortable with a wide variety of web frameworks, such as .NET MVC, Java Spark, Node, and Angular. I have experience with multiple development methodologies and with all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle.

My areas of research focus have revolved around API Migration, Bug & Code Smell Detection, and Bug Localization & Triage. My thesis studied the use of Deep Neural Networks and Information Retrieval to automate the process of Bug Localization and Triage at a higher accuracy than previous studies. I have presented internationally at the IBM CASCON 2018 Conference on automating the detection of API Migration at the function level and on detecting code smells in unit testing in open source Android applications.

In the precious few hours that I'm not working, teaching, researching, or developing, I can usually be found reading, listening to music, playing soccer and volleyball, working on various web projects, or watching hockey. My ideal job is simply one where I can leverage my web development expertise to help others address real needs in a meaningful way.

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